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These pages offer new rational answers to key questions related to the three great pyramids (as well as all the buildings located on the Giza Plateau ) .

In addition to the responses to this study suggests that , as for the whole concept of the Giza plateau for the pyramids , most knowledge implemented are part of a single current mathematical research .

4000 Years Before Christus, Babylonians already had a very advanced system of numbering with numbers in base 60 and the issue of so-called Pythagorean triplets certainly raised even before the construction of the pyramids ( about -2550 ) . It appears as written in cuneiform Babylonian tablet called Plimpton 322 form ( -1800 ), and will be treated to -500 by Pythagoras with his famous triangle, followed in this by Euclid, Diophantus of Alexandria, and even closer to us by Pierre de Fermat , Euler , Gauss , etc. ...

However, designers or their precursor engineering knowledge still support ours until today...

Among the various menus that are on offer:
"The Giza's Concept" deals with all construction sites, the method and verification by taking into account the physical evidence which remained measurable and verifiable today.
"Cheops -(Khufu)", which is dedicated to this pyramid is treated in an identical manner .
"The numbers" deal with the particular use of numbers and resulting knowledge. You will also find here the measures identified by Flinders Petrie for the implementation of the three great pyramids.

From 1995 to 2003 we had conducted a survey concerning the Giza Plateau, the sites' location and methods of construction by means of internal ramps, (deposit N° 2003050127 on march 2003).

At this time We did not have complete and sure documentary data.
Our first approach has been to develop a mathematical theory based on the grid's method for the choices of the implementations'sites.
In this sense links to the 1995-2003 survey are ever working as archives.
We have also shown our 2003's method for the construction of Khufu by means of internal ramps,lien16bConstruction Hypothesis approach which had been on 2007 highly publicized by the work of various authors and had made much noise...

Nowadays publications related to site locations are essentially issued from the William Matthew Flinders Petrie's surveylien_petriePetrie'survey in 1882-1883 and the work of Ronald Birdsall who has repeatedly verified and updated these in 2003-2014.
Based on these data, the Numerus'site was updated in July 2015, 2017, and 2018.

It is demonstrated that, despite the fantasies and various esoteric thesis nor the value of pi, or of phi, or of the golden ratio are not taken into account in the concept and realization of Giza that all this rests together based on simples and remarkables mathematical principles. implantationsImplementations

Among many others, we will mention one example on the Kheops pyramid, which is simply a fact observable, measurable and verifiable by anyone:
This example is the one of the impossible squaring the circle...
The base side of the pyramid of Cheops is 440 cubits, that means a square's perimeter value equal to 4 times 440 = 1760 cubits.
By definition, the perimeter of a circle is equal to 2 times the radius multiplied by pi.
The height of Cheops is 280 cubits, which means a generated circle equal to 280 multiplied by 2 and multiplied by pi (3.1416) or 1759.296 cubits for the circle perimeter.

We agree with the fact that 1760 and 1759.296 are not equal but extremely close, ie 35 cms for a pyramid that is three times higher than our triumphal arch in Paris .... and many other items can be taken as examples.

You will find in these pages and in our forum many examples that show that ancient Egypt who did not knew neither the multiplication or division, however, had a very powerful mathematical knowledge wherein the proportions held a fundamental place.

Among the books of the authors of this site, click on one of the images to DOWNLOAD FREE and without ads: (In French, not translated)

DétroitThe book Les_lumières_du_Détroit, , (Strait of Gibraltar, Columns of Hercules of the Ancients, its different cultures, civilizations and founding mythologies had been its own lights... - 117 pages - 2017 - French Edition), is now available as a free download in pdf format or Tablet - reading lights e-book : Kindle (Mobi format) and iPad (Epub format).The book The Lights of the Strait , (The Strait of Gibraltar, Columns of Hercules of the Ancients, its different cultures, founding civilizations and mythologies have been the lights ... - 117 pages - 2017 ), is now available free download in pdf format or for ebook readers: Kindle (Mobi format) and Ipad (Epub format).

It is there, in this strait where I lived that I discovered and learned the navigation. It was always there that I was made aware of ancient civilizations by a known archaeologist friend of the family.
Having a good knowledge of the region and the sea, I naturally became interested in the different cultures of which it was a compulsory point of passage, and to what concerned them.
For the Columns of Hercules quoted by Plato, our current Strait of Gibraltar, Atlantis and the construction of Atlantis, he used descriptive elements which for some may have had a reality. For others, he built a fiction on the basis of the authentic stories of the geographers of the time, stories which themselves had already undergone outrages of adaptations to the needs of different authors.
What he practiced himself and He has made it clear in the Critias ( 107b-108b ).

In the Timaeus Plato wrote:
" ... Because on the one hand, inside this strait of which we speak, it seems that there is only one Gully tightened haven... "(Timaeus, 25b ).
This sentence for decades has always been present to my mind because I do not know any haven (Port) with a Gully tightened in the Detroit, and it is not for want of having furrowed it and to have sailed in all directions.
At the autumn of my life getting an answer had become a compelling need. We temporarily left our retreat, rented a house on the shores of Detroit, and then searched for ...

numerusThe book Kheops, Le Livre de Pierres ( The transmission of knowledge - 103 pages - 2015 - French edition),, is now available as a free download in pdf format or tablets , e-book reading lights : Kindle (Mobi format) and iPad (epub format).The book Khufu, The Book of Stones , (The transmission of knowledge - 103 pages - 2015 ), is now available free download in pdf format or for ebook readers: Kindle (Mobi format) and Ipad (Epub format).

The plateau of Giza and its Pyramids has questioned thousands of men for centuries without any one able to bring a certain answer. These questions fascinate us all. The Book of Stones tries to provide rational answers to the main questions concerning the three great pyramids as well as for the whole buildings on the Giza plateau.
The audit will be proposed taking into account only existing physical elements that have remained measurable and verifiable today.
The function of witnessing and transmitting knowledge through the Great Pyramid called Cheops is mainly discussed.

Everything you've seen on these pages and more ...

2 sycomoresThe book Les Deux Sycomores de Turquoise,(207 pages - 2008 -French Edition), is now available as a free download in pdf format or tablets , e-book reading lights : Kindle (Mobi format) and iPad (epub format).The book The Two Sycamores of Turquoise , (207 pages - 2008 ), is now available free download in pdf format or for ebook readers: Kindle (Mobi format) and Ipad (Epub format).

For more than thirty thousand years man has occupied the Atlantic coast of Morocco and southern Spain as evidenced by their traces at Dar Es Soltane, Eklil, Taforalt in Morocco or Gorham in Gibraltar.
Our current geologists are well acquainted with the subduction line of the Europe and Africa tectonic plates as well as at sea in the south west of Portugal the particular point dubbed Horseshoes Fault bordering Gorringe Bank .

During the millennia, Earthquakes and Tsunamis have resulted in addition to the volcanic consequences, (Madeira 1930), or landslides like that of the Caldera de la Cumbra Vieja in the Canary Islands currently under surveillance.
More than nine thousand years ago some of these populations then began a long transmigration still to the East, and after settling in the Hoggar and Ennedi , they returned to the east following the global warming that occurred there to less than four thousand five hundred years.
Their traces are numerous in Ténéré or Oued Akkakus .

This long transmigration that lasted several millennia would have ended on the banks of the Nile, at Fayoum after Siwa for the North and Abydos for the South.

The impressive knowledge of Ancient Egypt did not appear "ex nihilo" ...
History and the emergence of knowledge through the transmigrations that have traveled the North of Africa from the Atlantic to Mesopotamia over the millennia.

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Duration: 15 min 31 sec.
February 2019 The Why and How of the Four Ventilation Shafts ....
The issue of Shafts, True Mystery, has remained unresolved at the end of 2018. Many hypotheses have been proposed ..., none has proved satisfactory.
An answer can however exist if one takes into account the wager which was that of the Architect, the knowledge and the means of Ancient Egypt.
This video exposes our hypothesis which proposes to show that these four Shafts constitute the vertebral column of the pyramid, not to support its structure,
but with extremely simple means they made it possible to create the spatial references essential to its realization.

Duration: 17 min 55 sec.
2017: Is the myth of Atlantis based on a sunken continent or of course a complete fiction to support a philosophical work?
For years, we have been thinking that the Atlandide Myth was based on submerged lands.
Our ongoing research is complemented by the statements and publications of researchers from the Universities of Cadiz, Seville and Huelva.

Duration: 8 min 01 sec.
2015: PYRAMIDS OF GIZEH, the reciprocal places of the summits.
Our thesis and conclusions about the reciprocal places of the summits of the three great pyramids ...

Duration: 24 min 12 sec.
Issued 2008, updated 2014, reissued during 2018: The other Atlantis, transmigrations from the Atlantic to the Nile.
Is the myth of Atlantis based on a sunken continent or on a submerged land during a cataclysm?
Here is another Hypothesis about what may have preceded the transmigrations and knowledge bases of Ancient Egypt.
To contact us contactlien8Contact

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